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A Proudly Queer Owned AZ-Based Zine & Event Coordinator

It all starts with an open door and one step in...

Deadbeat Poets Society has one major mission - encourage creative expression in a supportive environment. It doesn't have to be strict, perfect or deeply competitive. All we ask is for you to be authentically - yourself.

Your Voice Matters

Your Passion Matters

Your Heart Matters

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About Us

Deadbeat Poets Society is a Zine publisher, event coordinator, and trademarked organization run by Callan Fuqua. They are an Arizona native, neuroqueer performer and writer who began DBPS in July of 2021. We’re always open to feedback so don’t ever be afraid to reach out if you’d like to collaborate with us or offer suggestions. 

The Deadbeat Poets Zine is the main zine compromised of two categories - poetry and short stories (can be fiction or non-fiction). Our main themed zine is published once a month. However, we may offer smaller, individual based zines at times. You can view specifics in our "Types of Zines" section on our website.


Specifics: Wordcount within 2k or 5 poems. We do not require you to be an Arizona resident to submit to us.


Check our Events and Social Media for updates for events and special opportunities. 

When using or submitting our website, you are required to adhere to our Zero Tolerance policy. This means no material deemed racist, homophobic, sexist, explicit violence, animal abuse or the like will be accepted nor will harassment be tolerated nor shared. We do have a clear FAQ section which explains this mandate. 


Our mission is to be an inclusive space for everyone so we can "grow together." Understanding that what makes us unique is what keeps us together so we may become strong advocates for change. 

We are an equal opportunity Zine and event coordinator. Deadbeat Poets is always open to reading and evaluating work that is submitted to our website. Your voice matters. We want to be the stepping stone along the way through your creative journey.


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*Note that all submissions are responded to individually and it is not automated. Please allow at least 24 hours for a reply.
*Please read our FAQ regarding submissions. We are no longer allowing submissions of others art work into our writing zine. As we do love creativity, our zines must be completely void of potential royalty related images.
*When sending us images, PLEASE ensure these images are clear and can be made bigger or smaller. This means only sending us images with PDF or .png files.


Types of Zines

The Deadbeat Poets Zine is a monthly, themed compilation of writing submissions that we receive. The zine itself is usually 6-8 pages - sometimes longer. All of these zines are themed, therefore may have different titles when it is published. We do published individual zines periodically, up to our discretion. 

Your work does not have to match the theme of the month EXACTLY but it does have to somewhat to the point. Please remember if you are not accepted, send your work again! Some pieces may work for one theme and not for another.

We offer pricing for our zines depending on the size between $3-$6 once they are published. For example, our zine Isn’t It Grand? focuses on insecurity and regret.

If you are interested in submitting your work, please fill out the form above.


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