DBPS Policies

Using Deadbeat Poet Society services means the following that you are subject to adhere regarding:

  • DBPS is a zero tolerance organization when it comes to discrimination of any kind. If it is brought to our attention that any of our partners or performers we associate with use offensive language or physically/psychologically harm others, we have the right to no longer host their work or associate with said persons in anyway. 

  • DBPS is a pro-LGBT (the owner is a queer non-binary person), pro-choice, advocates for Black Lives Matter, and are pro-vaccinations. No, we don’t care if we lose you as a patron because of this.

  • All pronouns will be honored on this website and any events produced by DBPS. We value the identity that our creators live by and our patrons must respect it the same way. 

  • Work hosted by us is subject to copyright to its creators which is not to be redistributed. It is subjected to copyright laws. 

  • Harassment is not to be tolerated if you are trying to have your work hosted or to contact any of our creators. 

Privacy Policy

Any work submitted to us is open to be removed if requested by the original creator at no contest. 

Work will be credited appropriately and maybe used for future Zine publications. DBPS does not make any money at this time for keeping this site running or selling our zines. Upon meeting the requirements, we will update our privacy policy on how submissions will be funded to creators who send us their work for selling at in-person markets/meet sales online.

Any messages or survey responses will not be sent to third parties. All information is kept private which can be removed upon request.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards




Offline Payments